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Warid Telecom with grandMA

Warid Telecom International from Abu Dhabi is a mobile telecommunication company providing services in Bangladesh, Uganda, Georgia and Pakistan – and now also in the Congo.

The company celebrated its entry into the African country with a major event. The show took place at the Stade de la Revolution in Brazzaville, the capitol of the Republic of Congo. Among the guests: Sheik Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, president of Warid Telecom.

By using two grandMA full-size, one MA NSP and the grandMA onPC software, lighting designer, programmer and operator Pawel “Spider” Pajak designed the whole event. “We had to combine different parts of the show like official speeches, band and drummer appearances and a multimedia performance and put everything in one coherent show to fulfil the expectations of the client,” reported Pajak. “The lighting system included   amongst others 33 x Clay Paky Alpha Wash 1200, 28 x Clay Paky Alpha Spot 1200 HPE, 19 x Falcon Beam 7kW, 22 x Falcon Beam 3kW, 40 x Sky Falcon ArcColor1200, 12 x Atomic 3000 and some conventionals. During the programming session both full-size grandMAs were used in multiuser mode to build up all the presets, positions etc. for different groups of fixtures. Throughout the show the main desk controlled the full lighting system. The second console was used as a backup and prepared for the second operator to control the stage lighting only for the performance of the drummers. Once again the grandMA system proved itself as a perfect tool for large scale installations. The system was extremely stable, allowed us to save a lot of time and to setup it in different ways depending on our needs at the moment.”

“We included the local African cultural accents, combined with a high tech atmosphere, into the multimedia show,” explained Pajak. “Additionally two curved trusses together with a big semicircle screen at the back were built to create the look of a rising sun. I’ve used one group of the Alpha Spot 1200 HPE and Alfa Wash 1200 fixtures for texturing the screen, the other groups of Alpha Spots were mounted on the both trusses for the beam looks. The Falcons 7kW created the rays of light from the back. The combination of all elements gave us the huge effect of the rising sun we expected to achieve. The rest of the lighting was used to dye the whole stadium in colours and different looks. “

As additional operator for the show worked Tomasz Szwelicki. Gulf Arena was responsible for the production, SLS Dubai and A&O Germany provided equipment for the realisation. Flash Art Dubai added the impressive firework display.
(Photos: Fish Eye)