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VideoHouse: MediorNet

The Belgian broadcast company VideoHouse has bought the first Riedel Communications MediorNet system in Europe.

Riedel Communications delivered two comprehensive MediorNet installations for one 20 camera and one 16 camera HD OB truck. The reason for building two HD trucks is to take advantage of new network technologies that allow the trucks to easily work either together or separately. Furthermore, several different signals including video, intercom, audio and data streams needed to be integrated into the network.

MediorNet is the perfect solution for this application, because it is the only product that provides a real-time network approach and not only point-to-point connections. A total of eight MediorNet frames will be installed in the two HD trucks. The frames route and distribute any input to any output or to multiple outputs. The routing and distribution in both trucks is controlled by a VSM control system. In addition to MediorNet’s integration of all the truck's signals, the multiplexing abilities and the onboard software based signal processing and conversion makes it a flexible solution that will ultimately eliminate the need for external hardware devices.

MediorNet Mainframe

As the trucks usually need to bridge a distance of approximately 100 to 300 meters in field operation, simple fiber-cabling minimizes the cost and the effort of setting up the installation. The ability to quickly change the configuration of the entire MediorNet network with the MediorWorks software allows a flexible deployment of both OB units, which are used for events such as sport games, TV shows and concerts. The trucks will be in service soon.

“MediorNet gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of the installation that we need in our daily operations. With the open network topology, we can use MediorNet in exactly the ways we want to,“ said Guy Kreydt, head of video at VideoHouse.