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Under a lucky star

LD Richard Profe of TLD Planungsgruppe used a grandMA system to control the over 500 moving lights at Frankfurt Motor Show’s Daimler AG booth.

The “Internationale Automobil Ausstellung” (IAA) aka “Frankfurt Motor Show” is the world's largest motor show, biennially held in Frankfurt, Germany. The IAA is organized by the Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA). This year’s show again saw some very innovative booth designs - based on sophisticated lighting designs and new construction techniques. One such design characterised the booth of Daimler AG.

Photo: Demfis Fyssicopulos

Responsible for the lighting design was Richard Profe of TLD Planungsgruppe GmbH, who worked with his Assistant Lighting Designer, Alex Orkisch and used a grandMA system to control more than 500 moving lights.

Programmer Demfis Fyssicopulos reported: "As usual it was an absolute pleasure to work with Richard and the team at TLD once again. Daimler AG took up the entire Frankfurt arena (Festhalle) for their booth! It was dominated by 45,000 sq ft of canvas that formed a majestic cone and funnel structure with lighting, projection and lasers creating an environmental show for visitors. The canvas was semi-transparent and depending on how it was lit, it would appear either as an opaque skin or as a transparent membrane revealing the arena's ceiling structure."

Photo: Demfis Fyssicopulos

In total, 5 x grandMA full-size, 2 x grandMA light and 8 xMA NSPs (Network Signal Processors) controlled 130 x Vari*Lite VL3000 Washes, 68 x VL 3500 Washes and 86 x VL 3000 Spots as well as numerous Martin moving lights and a selection of other fixtures.

Dietmar Rauh and Marcus Krömer also worked as programmers. Sound & Light Leonberg delivered the lighting equipment.

Photo: Demfis Fyssicopulos