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Ultrasone: Award for Synthax

Ultrasone awards pro-audio distributor Synthax Distributor of the Year.

In recognition of outstanding performance, Ultrasone AG has awarded its special Distributor of the Year 2010 prize to one of its distribution partners. The prize was presented to Synthax GmbH during a ceremony at this year's Musikmesse. The company from Greater Munich has been responsible for the pro-audio distribution of Ultrasone headphones in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2009.

Since its foundation in 1991, Ultrasone AG has established a sophisticated distributor network which ensures the worldwide distribution of its products. The local distributors provide the Bavarian headphone specialists with a targeted service, tailored to the market in question. On its 20th anniversary, Ultrasone has recognised the special commitment of one of its distributors and has awarded Synthax GmbH Distributor of the Year for 2010.


Celebrating at the Musikmesse, Michael Willberg (CEO of Ultrasone), Christof Mallmann (Managing Director of Synthax), Michael Zirkel (COO of Ultrasone), Ulrich Breimesser (Product Manager at Synthax) and Helmut Oestreich (PR and Marketing at Synthax). (from l. to r.)

The company from Greater Munich only took over the pro-audio distribution of the headphones in 2009. "Awarding Synthax GmbH the Distributor of the Year 2010 prize is our way of expressing our special appreciation," says Michael Zirkel, COO of Ultrasone AG. "Managing Director Christof Mallmann and his team have achieved a great deal in 2010 and have made a special contribution to our successful business year thanks to their continuous commitment in Germany, Austria and Switzerland."

"Our decision to work with Synthax in 2009 was spot-on," Michael Willberg, CEO of Ultrasone AG continues. "We look forward to continuing our productive cooperation in 2011 and wish Christof Mallmann and his staff every success! Similarly, we will continue to provide our distributors with the ideal basis for successful sales with exciting new products."

"The team at Synthax GmbH is delighted with this award," says Christof Mallmann, Managing Director at Synthax GmbH. "It underscores the successful cooperative partnership between our companies and will also motivate us to continue to sell Ultrasone products with the same passion and commitment in the years to come!"

The Ultrasone Distributor of the Year 2010 award was presented during a ceremony at Musikmesse 2011 in the presence of guests from trade, industry and the press. The manufacturer, distributor and guests went on to celebrate the award in style.

By bestowing the Ultrasone Distributor of the Year Award, the Bavarian headphone manufacturer is not only rewarding one of its distributors, but is also reiterating its commitment to specialist trade – Ultrasone headphones are only available at selected dealers who offer professional advice for headphone purchases.


 Ultrasone Edition 10

Specialist customer support in this part of the world is shared between two distributors: whilst Synthax looks after the specialist music supply and pro-audio trade, hi-fi dealers are supplied by Chario. Ultrasone also operates its own online shop for headphones, accessories and spare parts, through which all the headphones are available at the recommended retail price. Specialist retailers, therefore, have the chance to shine by offering sound advice, while the Ultrasone online shop ensures that Ultrasone headphones can also be easily obtained in rural areas.

Ultrasone AG is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of headphones and has built up a good reputation amongst audiophile listeners throughout the world since its foundation in 1991. Ultrasone headphones are just as popular in the pro-audio industry, among top DJs and renowned recording studios, as they are with hi-fi and audio aficionados in over 50 countries. For several years now owners of MP3
players have also been able to enjoy their audio through portable Ultrasone headphones.

The company, based in Tutzing, Bavaria, holds over 60 patents. One of the special features of Ultrasone headphones is their patented S-Logic technology, which, thanks to the decentralised arrangement of the sound transducers, provides natural surround sound whilst protecting the wearer’s hearing. The ULE shielding developed in 1997 marks another milestone in headphone history as it reduces the head’s exposure to electromagnetic radiation by up to 98%.