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Ultra-flexible Multicore

KLOTZ a.i.s. presents new mains multicore cable PCF1325C as custom solution for stage lighting.

The new PCF1325C from the KLOTZ a.i.s. cable production is the perfect solution to the needs of mobile lighting technology, where stringent standards of fire protection and cable safety must be obeyed - particularly in the field of stage lighting.

The PCF1325C mains multicore cable has 13 cores, each with a cross-section of 2.5 sqmm. It is ultra-flexible and shows no corkscrew effect, remaining flat and free from internal torsion when laid out.

This is achieved by using fine copper wires each with an individual diameter of 0.20mm and core stranding with ultra-short twisting lengths – a design that ensures long cable life in mobile operations.

The cable has an outer jacket of ultra-flexible, highly flame-retardant PVC in compliance with the IEC 60332-3-24 standard, Category C (test for flame spread of vertically-mounted  bunched wires or cables), guaranteeing outstanding durability under the toughest stage conditions. It also complies with the bending test standards of EN 50396 (30,000 cycles).

The design of the PCF1325C makes it an ideal partner for the Harting mains multicore connectors widespread in lighting technology applications – 6x mains lead with common protective ground conductor.