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Theater Ulm Installs Riedel Artist

The Theater Ulm in Germany expanded its intercom system with an Artist solution by Riedel Communications.

Riedel delivered a comprehensive Artist Digital Matrix Intercom system that also allows for radio integration.

The Theater Ulm, that was founded 1641, is a multistage house offering opera, play and ballet. As a result of general renovations, the Theater in Ulm has received a new Riedel Artist Digital Matrix Intercom system.



At the heart of the installation is a Riedel Artist 32 mainframe that lays the foundation for the communications infrastructure. Due to Artist's free scalability, Artist systems can be easily expanded to form infrastructures with up to 1,024x1,024 non-blocking ports per installation.


"Especially the scalability of the Artist system was really important to us. It allows for flexible planning and write-off. Only this way, it is possible for us to plan cost-effective systems that correlate to our applications", said Karlheinz Fohlert, chief technician for audio and video at Theater Ulm.


A total of 22 Artist 1100 and 5100 series control panels are used at the theater for various positions such as stage management or stage entry. The Artist 1100 series features talk buttons with integrated OLED displays allowing for a maximum of readability.

The Artist 5100 series is the cost effective entry into the world of Artist intercom systems. They feature an eight digit LCD display that can be doubled with a shift key.

A Riedel RiFace integrates the theater's radio infrastructure into the wired intercom system. This way radios can directly talk to a control panel or vice versa.