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Spots on for Plug Mama!

PLUG MAMA MK II by SOMMER CABLE is reasonably priced, completely prewired stagebox with high quality components.

PLUG MAMA MK II is equipped with high quality components like the flexible SOMMER CABLE multipair cables SC-PLANET or SC-QUANTUM HIGHFLEX with individually insulated, shielded or color coded conductor pairs and 3-pin HICON or NEUTRIK XLR- plugs connectors.

The multipairs are available in standard lengths of 10, 25, 33 or 50 meters with special lengths available upon request. The Stagebox has a well thought out ergonomic carrying handle for easy transport and a noble, robust and scratch-resistant steel casing. The patch panel is slanted to keep the cables from bending.

For clarity, the outputs are located at the rear of the unit, separate from the inputs, and the large numbers on the XLR-inputs and outputs are slightly displaced to the right to keep the plug connector locks from obstructing them. Upon request, the Stagebox is also available with integrated PM-LITE lighting, a green high performance-LED-rail with switch installed underneath the carrying handle of the PLUG MAMA MK II. Power is provided by a 9 V block battery.

Meanwhile, the SOMMER CABLE Stagebox PLUG MAMA MK II is known as a brand name and cult object, which is not only preferred by musicians and event technicians. It is ideally suited for mobile stage and live applications as well as permanent installation.

Further information is available in the SOMMER CABLE Main Catalogue 2007/2008 starting on Page 235.