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SOMMER CABLE'S new SPIRIT XS guitar and instrument cable is very forgiving to boots and kicks …

This short guitar or instrument cable is the perfect connection between floor effects pedals and other patch units. The cable has a dual screen, an extremely robust outer jacket and otherwise the same technical construction as the legendary SPIRIT XXL from SOMMER CABLE.


Forgiving to boots and kicks: the SPIRIT XS guitar and instrument cable


The SPIRIT XS is equipped with the new angled HICON (so-called Pancake) jack connector. This plug is extremely compact, has a gold-plated tip and was packed into an intelligently reinforced shell design. Inside the connector a damp-resistant insulation makes sure that in – mostly damp – rehearsal rooms short circuits will have no chance.  


The SPIRIT XS is available in the following lengths:

  • 0.2 m
  • 0.3 m
  • 3.0 m
  • 6.0 m
  • 9.0 m