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Sommer Cable: SEMICOLON 4

Sommer Cable‚Äôs 4-wire miniature microphone cable SEMICOLON 4 is thin yet powerful. 

Much ado ... will be sparked in your studio by this 4-wire miniature microphone cable. For this midget  microphone cable has a tiny diameter of 5.8 mm and yet can do almost everything the big ones can.



It has a dual shielding (helical Cu mesh screen + aluminium fleece) and may be cross wired for audio purposes, where it shines with a stunningly low wire-to-wire capacitance of a mere 40 pF/m.

Fully assigned it is the ideal AES/EBU or DMX cable due to its wave impedance of 110 ohms. To make the perfect studio patch cable, the wires may also be split, of course. Due to its small diameter it fits into so many tiny and miniature connectors like 3.5 mm mini jacks, mini XLR or phono/RCA plugs.

The outer sheath consists of an extremely robust, environmentally friendly and halogen-free/flame-retardant PUR jacket.

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