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SmartKit Cable & Stand

KLOTZ Cables and KÖNIG&MEYER launch their first partnership: SmartKit Cable&Stand – entry-level package comprising microphone cable and microphone stand.

Orders are now being taken for the new Strategy Package SmartKit Cable&Stand. The result of a new partnership between KLOTZ Cables and König&Meyer, the package enables the music retail industry to provide a genuine highlight to customers:
K&M Microphone Stand + KLOTZ Anniversary Cable as an attractively packaged set at RRP 49.90€

Set does not include microphone

Given the vast choice of microphones available from retailers, the set does not include a microphone. Retailers can combine the Strategy Package with their own microphone special offers to boost the attractiveness of the package.
Trade deliveries will be made from Week 02/11.

The Strategy Package comprises:
- KÖNIG&MEYER Microphone Stand
- KLOTZ Anniversary Cable 9m with XLR M/F connectors
- Attractive individual packaging
- Made in Germany
- 5-year warranty