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SEQUENZA 10 Workshop

MYC Technology Co., Kling & Freitag’s exclusive Chinese sales partner, has successfully completed the MYC Sound Technology Academy. 

The event took place in the Nobel Center Hotel, Shanghai on the 6th and 7th September 2011. 47 participants from 26 companies followed the invitation and appreciated the live performance of the line array system as well as various other demonstrations and lectures.


David Ludz


David Ludz - who ensures the Kling & Freitag application support - accompanied the workshop in Shanghai actively. The presentation included the explanation of the numerous patents integrated in the SEQUENZA 10 as well as the system simulation with Kling & Freitag’s CON:SEQUENZA software. For the live demonstration 18 x SEQUENZA 10, 2 x ACCESS T9 und 2 x NOMOS XLC were available, operated in various configurations via the K&F SystemRacks.

In further presentations, the product lines of Kling & Freitag and desk manufacturer CADAC were shown, one of the topics being the theory and practical operation of virtual echo effect in a multichannel sound system.


Zhou Fanghong


One of the most impressing lectures was Zhou Fanghong’s report about the Bregenz Sea Stage, a singular reference project with more than 890 Kling & Freitag loudspeakers. Zhou, a famous consultant, had recently visited Bregenz with a Chinese delegation.

After the huge success of the first MYC Sound Technology Academy it’s likely there will be future MYC Sound Technology Academy events.