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Second German Plugfest

The second "German Plugfest" took place at the SOUNDLIGHT Headquarters in Wennigsen, Germany.
The Plugfest is a get-together of systems designers and engineers equipped with products, oscilloscopes, logic analyzers and laptops to test system interoperability issues related with new protocols, such as DMX Remote Device Management (DMX RDM).



"The Plugfest was highly succesful", comments Sandor Dezamits of Dzelectric Kft., Hungary, "we were able to install some improvements and got new ideas for future product implementations". "No wasted time", says Tim Schattkowsky, "but agreat opportunity to implement important software modifications".



The Plugfest is open to anyone associated with DMX RDM system design. Next plugfest will be announced on the SOUNDLIGHT RDM website or mail to Several companies have already made options to participate.

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