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SCHOEPS: Polarflex

A new, free SCHOEPS plug-in allows you to mix signals from two microphones without outboard digital signal-processing hardware.

With the SCHOEPS Polarflex technique you can mix the signals from two microphones to create novel sound characteristics. First introduced in the 1990s, this approach formerly required dedicated, outboard digital signal-processing hardware. Now all you need--along with a Polarflex microphone arrangement--is a software plug-in that is available for free on SCHOEPS' Web site.



A Polarflex microphone arrangement consists of one omnidirectional microphone and one figure-8 microphone in a coincident setup. This can certainly be achieved with our Colette-series microphones, but the new A2P CCM offers the most elegant Polarflex arrangement.


Schoeps A2P CCM


The intuitive software plug-in makes it easy to take full advantage of the Polarflex technique. Simply download the plug-in and the sound samples HERE and you will instantly be able to check out the new possibilities. The plug-in allows fine-tuning the sound either while recording or afterward, with real-time monitoring of the results. Especially when used in a stereo pair, the reshaping of room sound and the stereo image offers a powerful tool for sound design.



A single Polarflex setup is optimally suited e.g. as a vocal microphone or a stereo pair can be used on the piano, as well as extending the possibilities of all the well-known two-microphone stereo recording techniques.