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RTS Systems for Dubai

Dubai-based broadcasting corporation MBC Group has invested in BTR-700 systems from Telex.

With nine channels and 90 million viewers worldwide, MBC is the leading provider of news and entertainment in the Middle East. To optimize communications in MBC’s headquarters in Dubai, the Group recently invested in BTR-700 RadioCom systems from RTS.

The wireless intercom systems are being used by MBC’s two most important channels: MBC1, the region’s leading purveyor of family entertainment, and Al Arabiya News, the leading news channel in the Arab world. In each case, the wireless BTR-700 system facilitates communication between the floor manager and cameraman. Regional Sales Manager Ammar Fawzy comments: “The BTR-700 is extremely reliable and has a long range – even in a complex building where the signals have to pass through a large number of intervening walls. These characteristics make the BTR-700 the perfect solution.”

The BTR-700 is a single-channel UHF synthesized wireless intercom base station with an A4M headset connector. It guarantees reliable communication of the highest quality. The base station provides full-duplex communication with up to four TR-700 frequency-agile belt packs. Integration with Telex Audiocom, RTS Two-Wire Intercom, ClearCom and RTS Digital Matrix Intercom systems as well as other four-wire communications systems is possible.

With the launch of MBC1 in London in 1991, MBC became the first pan-Arab, free-to-air, private satellite channel. Today, the MBC Group boasts seven TV channels, two radio stations, a variety of Web sites, a magazine, and a production company, making it a truly global media enterprise offering a full palette of information, interaction, and entertainment. Al Arabiya News Channel was launched in 2003.