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RTS: MH Headsets

RTS is presenting its latest range of professional headsets at InfoComm 2011: the MH series.

One of the first headset series made specifically for enhanced audio/communications performance in the broadcast industry, the three MH models combine a unique, multi-functional modular design with low-profile, lightweight construction. All are also available in “L”-designated listen-only versions.

• MH-300 – single-sided headset
• MH-302 – dual-sided headset
• MH-402 – dual-sided headset with ANR (Active Noise Reduction)

Audio Performance
Equipped with professional-quality headphone transducers and a noise-canceling microphone, the MH series provides exceptional sound quality for applications including live remote or studio broadcasting, film, TV, and theater intercom. ANR-equipped models reduce ambient noise, ensuring communications are heard clearly the first time. In addition, all MH headsets are equipped with a failsafe system to ensure uninterrupted communications.



Modular Flexibility
The MH series’ innovative design allows the user to switch headset modules according to their needs. This means the headset isn’t limited to studio or venue communications: microphone and listen-only modules can be quickly and easily replaced with a music/audio module, allowing connection to MP3 players, tablets, laptops, DVD players, etc., and other audio devices. The headsets are also equipped with quick-swap connector options, allowing the user flexibility for various connectivity requirements.

Comfortable Design
A perfect balance of form and function, the MH series’ sleek, modern design is distinguished by the location of the headband in relation to the ear cups, which ensures greater comfort and stability when the headset is being worn. Additionally, all user contact points – ear cup cushions, temple pads, headband cushions and windscreen – are completely replaceable, allowing for sanitary use.


InfoComm 2011, Booth 1201