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Riedel: Moscow turns 864

A Riedel Communications system enabled the 4-D projection mapping show at Moscow’s 864th birthday.

For coordinating the communications at celebration of the 864th Birthday of Moscow, the organizers and the technical team used an Artist digital matrix intercom system from Riedel Communications. Riedel Communications delivered the system that enabled the breath-taking 4-D projection mapping show created and produced by David Atkins Enterprises. The celebration was a gift to the city of Moscow by Russia’s largest private bank, Alfa-Bank.


Photo: David Atkins Enterprises

The birthday celebration for Moscow was a spectacular mega event, which included a cutting edge 4-D projection mapping show taking place on the walls of the Moscow University and fireworks shows. For providing a reliable communications system for the whole area, the organizers split up the area into to dedicated zones: The control tower and the university building. The two areas were interconnected via fiber. Artist 64 and Artist 32 mainframes at both positions formed the underlying infrastructure. Besides the digital matrix intercom, a Riedel Performer digital partyline system and various mobile Motorola radios were used. They were integrated into the infrastructure via Riedel's universal radio interface RiFace.

A total of 25 Artist 1000 control panels were used at the event, while the connected Performer partyline installation consisted of 17 C3 beltpacks and 3 Performer C44 master stations, which integrated the partyline into the matrix intercom system.

The Artist installation of the 1st Channel OB truck, a high profile local broadcast production company, was integrated into the system via a 4-wire link. In addition, Riedel PRO headsets were used at nearly every position. Due to their high noise insulation, they allowed for a clear communication despite the high volume of the event. Furthermore, the global time-code for the event was distributed over the Artist intercom system for providing reliable synchronization for the different projection and pyro groups.