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RC6PP..B pre-made RAMCAT6

KLOTZ Cables' new RC6PP..B pre-made RAMCAT6 cable has been designed for mobile use.

Mobile event crews will be ready for the challenges of today and tomorrow with the new RC6PP..B pre-made RAMCAT6 cable from KLOTZ Cables. The cables used in data transmission for mobile data communication must comply with specific characteristics. They must fulfil precisely defined electrical parameters, and also be highly flexible and extremely rugged.



The pre-made RC6PP..B easily meets all these requirements. It features characteristic impedance of 100 Ω, dual shielding, wire pairs with matched lay lengths and sophisticated cable stranding. The RC6PP..B can transmit a data throughput of 10 gigabit/s over a transmission length of up to 60 metres (10Gbase-T).

Designed for mobile use, it has a cross-shaped PE central filler and abrasion-proof PUR jacket for enhanced stability and flexibility, making it the ideal choice for use with cable carriers and drums.

The RJ45 connectors by Phoenix Contact are designed for a transmission speed of 10 Gbit/s and comply with the PoE (Power over Ethernet) standard, which applies to systems which use Ethernet connections to both transmit data and carry electrical power. Connectors are configured in compliance with EIA/TIA 568B.

The cable has shrink sleeves on both sides for labelling or other markings. Whatever challenges the tough world of mobile events brings, the RC6PP..B pre-made RAMCAT6 cable delivers top performance and reliability.