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PSSO jubilee with new website

PSSO wears a new, virtual garment. On the occasion of its 5th anniversary, the professional audio brand has really spruced up.

On a new web presence has been launched. The site was developed independently and mirrors some of the brand's qualities: a technology which is up to date and a clear structure that enables easy working.

Products on the website have been divided into eight groups: line array, installation, portable sound, amplifiers, audio processing, mixers, sets and accessory. On each product page, visitors have access to images, technical specifications, instruction manuals, videos, feature and description texts and so forth. The subitem references show some application examples for the visitors to see different options of usage. Besides, the page contains a PDF product catalog, which can be downloaded.

Five years ago, PSSO was established with a certain goal, namely to break through the existing brand hype in the PA industry. The instrument: offering moderately priced solutions for professional users. In this connection, an artificial philosophy, as often seen in this business, was consequently renounced right from the start.

The Compact Line Array (CLA) forms the heart of the product range: the Compact Line Array (CLA) and the respective amplifiers, controllers as well as matching accessories for storing, transport and usage, which are all required to get the systems playing.

Another focus lies on the Compact Speaker Arrays, the CSA and CSK series. These speakers, which optically do reflect the CLA, come in different models and colors, and have been developed for both mobile use and permanent installation.

The brand PSSO has been targeting on premium audio solutions for more than four years. The focus lies on elaborate PA systems, sophisticated power amplifiers and mixing consoles as well as fair prices.

PSSO German website:

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