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PANO at Kingwood Hotel

The K.M.E. Line Array System PANO has been installed in the banquet hall of Kingwood Hotel in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia.

The Kingwood Hotel is the only 4 star hotel in the state Sarawak and owns the largest banquet hall of the region with up to 2.500 seats. It is used for conferences, industry events, balls and banquets. Recently the 12th Senior Citizen Fellowship Conference and the 7th Biennial Union of World Liu’s Association Convention took place, two important Malaysian events with each up to 2.000 international guests.


Company WAH LEE HONG of Kuala Lumpur decided for 4 QL 906 Line Source Units and 2 QL 1215 Down-Fill Units per side driven by digital controller amplifiers DA 428 and subs QLB 118.  QSA 200 formed the side-fill. The fully digital high-performance loudspeakers VL 750 are used as stage monitors. 

By means of the simulation software PANO Focus the exact angeling of the array elements was calculated hence and optimal sound performance was achieved through the entire hall.


For the team of WAH LEE HONG the decision for a system manufactured by K.M.E. was very easy. As a long-term distribution partner for Malaysia a number of events and fix installations were realized with K.M.E. equipment. The high quality in finish and performance could convince again. PANO is valued for its excellent sound and uncomplicated set-up by means of the Quick Release Rigging System. The light-weight digital amps with extensive DSP functions reduce transport and cabeling work considerably. System presets can be pre-adjusted directly on the amplifier and transferred by an SD card to other DA 428.

The feedback of sound engineers and organizers is totally positive. WAH LEE HONG could gain with the K.M.E. Line Array System PANO -Made in Germany.