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Pandoras Box + LOOP LIGHT: Interactive 3D Presentation

EBS Lights enlisted LOOP LIGHT to create the video design and take care of the 2D & 3D content at the DeWalt/Stanley Black & Decker meeting. 

A state of the art interactive 3D presentation was one of the highlights during this year’s DeWalt/Stanley Black & Decker meeting at the Nurburgring race track in Germany.



EBS Lights GmbH enlisted the LOOP LIGHT GmbH team to create the video design and take care of the 2D & 3D content-creation for this important corporate event. EBS Lights was responsible for developing the complete overall concept as well as taking care of the actual production on site. In addition to creating the impressive multimedia content, LOOP LIGHT programmed and operated the multiple coolux Pandoras Box Server systems.



One of the technical highlights of this event was the integration of the venue’s already existing stereoscopic 3D projectors with the coolux AirScan, coolux Widget Designer and coolux Pandoras Box server systems.



The result was a real time stereoscopic 3D product presentation that was operated live by the presenter on stage. Using the AirScan laser scanning device, an invisible and touchless interface allowed the presenter to e.g. simply move his hands in the air in order to manipulate the 3D content appearing behind him on a large screen in realtime.

Another eyecatcher was the 200 feet long LED screen that was used to play back an exciting opening trailer for this evening event.




End customer:
Stanley Black & Decker

Overall Planning and responsibility:
EBS Lights GmbH, Tobias Weiser (Managing Director)

Videodesign and Content:
LOOP LIGHT GmbH, Matt Finke (Managing Director LOOP LIGHT), Michael Hantelmann, Wadim Wall, Timo Weinhold, Henrique Roscoe