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Palmer PDI-CTC

The Palmer PDI-CTC with 4-band filtering and a true tube circuit is intended for DI and preamp use.

Featuring a true tube circuit with output transformer, the PDI-CTC (Palmer Direct Injection Box - Classic Tube Circuit) provides a balanced signal at the XLR output connectors that is electrically isolated. There are no semiconductors throughout the entire signal path including the filter stage. The PDI-CTC is mains powered, and the integrated power supply generates the necessary tube voltages. For preamp use a 4-band filter circuit has been integrated.

In addition to the standard parallel and balanced mic level outputs the PDI-CTC also features both a balanced line level and a ¼“ unbalanced low impedance output.

The wide band low, lo-mid, hi-mid, and high frequency filters are "musically" voiced. A bell- shape filter characteristic has been chosen to prevent boosting undesirable subsonic frequencies as well as those beyond the audio range. To exactly reproduce sound settings each and every time Palmer decided on individual toggle switches to set each of the four frequency bands to 0dB, +4dB, or +8dB.

Essentially, the PDI-CTC circuit design is based on the idea to realize the shortest possible signal path in order to bring out the subtle tone characteristics of a tube. For that reason the unit does not incorporate a volume control. Due to the unit's extended dynamic range no limiting occurs before signal levels exceed +30dBu at the line output. This makes the PDI-CTC ideal for instruments such as bass, electro-acoustic and electric guitars (if a clean sound is what you're after), keyboards, synthesizers, et al.

Technical Specifications

Active DI box with 4-band filtering, true tube circuit
Tube complement: 1x ECC83/12AX7, 1x ECC82/12AU7

1 x ¼“ jack socket, input impedance 1 Megaohm max. level +4dBu
1 x ¼“ jack socket (PARALLEL OUTPUT)
1 x ¼“ lo-Z jack socket, +4 dB (BUFFERED OUTPUT), output impedance < 1 Kiloohm
1 x XLR/m mic level, approx. gain +4 dB, output impedance < 200 Ohm,
          transformer balanced w/ground lift switch (MIC OUT)
1 x XLR/m line level, approx. gain +24 dB, output impedance < 600 Ohm,
          transformer balanced w/ground lift switch, max. output level before clipping
          +30dBu (LINE OUT).

XLR wiring: pin 1 = shield/ground, pin 2 = hot, in phase with the input signal, pin 3
          = cold, out of phase with the input signal;
Passive 4-band RCL filters for bass, low mids, high mids, and highs, bell shape,
          each switchable from linear (0dB) to +4dB, or +8dB;
Integrated power supply, input voltages switchable from 100V - 240V;
Average power consumption: approx. 10W, fuse: T3.15A
Dimensions: approx.  220mm W x 210mm D (235mm incl. handles) x 88mm H
          (w/o rubber feet)

RSP: 699,00 €