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New Leightweight Defender

With the introduction of the Defender Nano cable crossover Adam Hall completes the compact sector of the Defender series.

The Defender Nano is the smallest unit of the series. It is light, professional, wheelchair accessible and universally applicable. With 6 channels the Defender Nano meets all demands for a professional cable crossover in the smallest size.

Thanks to the addition of this compact, extremely light cable crossover, the Defender Series of cable protectors is now complete in the compact sector. The Defender Nano is lightweight - approximately only 4kg! - and durable including vehicle traffic. Like all of the Defender series crossovers, the Defender Nano is resistant to oils, acids, and petrol, and has a patented self-cleaning hinged closure. (EU Patent No.: EP1366550).
Ideal fields of operation: Exhibitions, sidewalks and footpaths, market places, Christmas markets, workshops, warehouses, shopping centres, department stores etc.

Length: 100,0 cm
Width: 28,0 cm
Height: 3,2 cm
Channels: 6
Weight: 4,37 kg
Channel diameter: 18mm
Load bearing:   approximately 2t for a surface area of 20×20 cm
Operating Temperature range:    -30°C to +60°C
Flame Class: B2
Also available as B1 – hardly combustible, in accordance with DIN 4102