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Multi-Purpose Church Installation

The Church of Joy in Mohyun Dong Iksan City, South Korea, has installed a Kling & Freitag sound system. 

The biggest challenge for Kusan Acoustic Co., Ltd, the Kling & Freitag distributor in South Korea, was the transformation of the main hall in order to optimize the reverberation time. "Most of the older churches are not designed for the use of sound systems. The most important aspect during the construction was nice-looking interiors. Today our churches rather look like a multi-purpose hall were a band or a choir is supporting the priest in his preaching about god.”




Kusan planned constructive measures for diminishing reverberation time, in order to obtain a good result for the speech transmission and the dynamics for the musical presentations. In a shoot-out all responsible church members decided for Kling & Freitag loudspeakers.

In total seven Line 212-9 – SP are covering the whole auditory area with about 2500 seats. The covering of the Line 212 is perfectly adapted for reaching the whole church up to the last seat and including the balcony. For the bass restitution, two SW 215E – SP subwoofers were hidden invisibly in the stage.



"The system shows its efficiency by its very precise sound on all seats, everywhere the visitors can perceive the perfect sound quality. All technicians are very satisfied and they are surprised by the performance of the Kling & Freitag loudspeakers", says Han.

"Without much equalizing and configuring, the system is generating a well-balanced and clear sound which impresses me", said a sound technician of the Church of Joy.

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