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Movecat Touring Rack II

Movecat's Touring Racks have been updated. Version II is avalable.


In pursuance of the onboard industrial design philosophy, all the relevant components are mounted on the circuit boards in a modular fashion. This increases electro-magnetic reliability in the demanding touring sector as well as allowing for the simple exchange of component assemblies if ever servicing should prove necessary.


Movecat Touring Rack II: Now available
Movecat Touring Rack II: Now available.


The selective bypass system was extended to all components, and in the event of a malfunction, individual plug-in controller modules can be disabled without compromising the functionality of the intact modules.

The same applies to any malfunction of the power distribution module or the read-back chain evaluation of the remote unit.  All bypass functions are button-activated only and self-resetting.

All relevant operating statuses are illuminated. For this purpose, daylight-capable high-powered LEDs are used. All racks feature the Movecat M-Link system and can be combined with the other MPC E and I series controllers to form one system. The Movecat system therefore constitutes the most extensive, freely combinable, complete system on the market.


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