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MonoCAT Hybrid Cables

SOMMER CABLE is presenting a fully reworked and unified MonoCAT cable family.

The different hybrid cables all contain network lines complemented by signal or power supply elements. This allows to connect digital sound, light or video control desks using only one cable and, as the case may be, with only one plug-in procedure. This is also very interesting for applications on the OB van or in the installation or conference sector.



Owing to the reworked internal CAT.7 construction in SFTP with a line gauge of 0.22 mm2 even greater transmission paths are now possible. This allows a trouble-free transmission of signals based on gigabit ethernet over distances up to 100 m. The power wires have a cross-sectional area of 2.5 mm2 to avoid problems with longer distances here, too. The highly flexible overall structure with our proven and robust S-PVC jacket (temperature range -20 ... +75°C) ensures a stressless use in and outdoors. 


The following cable types are available:

MonoCAT 110C
1 x CAT.7 (AWG26 patch design) + power (3G2.5), diameter 13.8 mm

MonoCAT 202
2 x CAT.7 + 2 x digital audio (incl. DMX), diameter 15.6 mm

2 x CAT.7 + 2 x digital audio (incl. DMX) + power (3G2.5), diameter 21.8 mm

4 x CAT.7 + 4 x digital audio (incl. DMX) + power (3G2.5), diameter 27 mm


In addition to the naked bulkware SOMMER CABLE also offers a large variety of fully wired systems, making it possible to realize almost any customer wishes individually.


HAN-ECO Multipin System


For the connector SOMMER CABLE relies on a multi-pin connection from German manufacturer HARTING. The HAN-ECO Series combines a virtually indestructible thermoplastic housing with an entirely modular internal structure. Certified gigabit modules are also available to be used with the systems. All systems are checked prior to roll-out with certified measuring equipment.