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LOOP LIGHT: Micro Mapping

LOOP LIGHT's "Electric Showcase"
combines glass showcases with cutting-edge video design.

The Marburg based lighting and video design company LOOP LIGHT has a reputation for being able to realise premium quality events that involve a large number of projectors and technologically challenging setups  on a big scale.




A regular companion for their design and programming activities is the coolux Pandoras Box product family, best known for their award winning realtime 3D media servers.

Instead of focussing exclusively on large size projects, LOOP LIGHT is currently highlighting the fact that their quest for innovation excellence can also lead to much smaller setups, which can prove equally rewarding for end customers.




Their „Electric Showcase“ turnkey solution is a great way for realising impressive product and brand presentations, with the help of the cost effective Pandoras Box Player software.

LOOP LIGHT call their latest innovation a micro mapping product, which uses the Pandoras Box Player’s precise warping and compositing features to project beautiful content onto a variety of small to mid sized products within a standardised glass case.

This modular solution is designed to be easily customizable to reflect each individual client’s project needs and different types of product requirements.



LOOP LIGHT CEO Matt Finke describes the latest development: “People are used to seeing coolux mapping technology on a big scale, but these days you can achieve great results with the software-only Player systems on a very small scale as well. With our Electric Showcase we are able to combine the intimacy of a traditional glass showcase with all the benefits of cutting edge video design.”