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LED-Paneel C60

The LED-Paneel C60 is the latest addition of Schnick-Schnack-Systems’ range of LED Media Systems which is distributed worldwide by MA Lighting.

The module features the latest RGB LEDs from leading manufacturer Nichia, combined with Schnick-Schnack-Systems’ unique, in-house modulation technology. With a pixel pitch of 50mm, it is completely design compatible with the LED-Paneel C100 and LED-Band and offers the same features in a more compact and lightweight housing, increasing the flexibility available to designers in the creation of LED features in set, stage and lighting designs.

Used as a backlight, the LED-Paneel C60 requires a distance of just 8cms / 3.25“ from the diffusion material being lit, to produce a homogenously illuminated area. Alternatively, it can be used without diffusion, to create an eye-catching LED matrix - the wide LED beam angle of 120° allowing camera shots to be taken from oblique angles with no loss of intensity.


The LED-Paneel C60 requires an external power supply to operate. Each LED can be individually controlled, using the System Power Supply 4E, to display colourful looks from any DMX lighting console; or video content using a media server. The use of DMX or Art-Net data to control the System Power Supply 4E means that longer cable runs can be used than with VGA, DVI or SDI, allowing video servers to be placed further away from noise-sensitive stage and studio areas.

The LED-Paneel C60 offers virtually unlimited installation possibilities, with easy rigging options using either rear-mounted clamps or bolts fixed from the front of the unit. Their rugged, aluminium construction makes them an ideal tool for use in stage and touring environments.