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LDM with DirectOut

DirectOut announcing new distribution partner for Benelux.

LDM Audiovisual Systems will take responsibility for DirectOut’s sales and support. Based in Lint, near Antwerp in Belgium, LDM Audiovisual Systems is providing commercial solutions and technical services for professional audio and video equipment of Lawo, LSB and DirectOut Technologies for the Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg market.


Jan Ehrlich, CEO DirectOut: "LDM was founded end of 2013 by good and long-standing business acquaintances of us. We appreciate the small team of LDM for their technical knowledge and the excellent customer care. Our clients in Benelux can be assured that LDM will support them like we do – with the purpose to create and provide solutions for the demands of the market."


Left to right: Dirk Sykora (LDM), Jan Ehrlich (DirectOut) and Mark Tito (LDM).
Left to right: Dirk Sykora (LDM), Jan Ehrlich (DirectOut) and Mark Tito (LDM).


Sales manager of LDM Mark Tito: "We are happy being able to continue sales and support of and for the smart and innovative products of DirectOut Technologies, as well as to maintain the warm relationship built with the people at DirectOut."