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LD Systems MAUI 28 MIX

Active column PA now comes with a three-channel mixer from LD systems.


After causing quite a stir among musicians, event organisers and the public with its compact column system MAUI 28, LD Systems is now remaining true to its ‘pro audio in motion’ motto and presents a new version of the popular PA system  – the MAUI 28 MIX. Enhanced connection and control options make the compact PA system the ideal all-round solution not only for solo entertainers.


The new MAUI 28 MIX


Comprehensive connection options for a microphone, instruments such as keyboards and guitars, laptops, MP3 players and mixers make the MAUI 28 MIX version a versatile complete system for solo artists, disc jockeys and multimedia applications. With its elegant design, the column system also blends in perfectly in catering establishments, small clubs and anywhere else that flexibility and impressive audio quality are indispensable.

As suggested by the name, the input channels of the LD MAUI 28 MIX can be simultaneously used and mixed together using a special volume knob. The system volume and subwoofer level can also be separately adjusted for the perfect sound.

The MAUI 28 MIX’s ingenious plug & play design with special plug-in connectors makes the system extremely quick to set up and take down during mobile use. A five-way class AB amplifier individually drives the frequency ranges for perfectly balanced sound with powerful dynamics.

The integrated protective circuit and a dual limiter also ensure reliable functioning and distortion-free reproduction. The MAUI 28 MIX’s outstanding resistance to feedback and wide, horizontal dispersion angle of 120° eliminate the need for separate floor monitors.

Anyone who values natural, crystal-clear sound and versatile usage options should try out the MAUI 28 MIX from LD Systems and prepare to be impressed – it is an ideal all-in-one solution, which is also extremely easy to transport.

The MAUI 28 MIX from LD Systems is available for an RRP of € 1,049.

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