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K.M.E. TCP/IP module

K.M.E. TCP/IP remote network module for digital amplifiers DA 428 and DA 230 is now available.

The compact Ethernet module replaces the RSNC module (implemented as standard) and is working with a firmware > V2.0 in both amplifier models. It provides a 100 mbit standard Ethernet connection, the potential-free normally-closed-contact is still available for current loop monitoring especially in fix installations.

The module offers three communication platforms - Ethernet port, proprietary and embedded web server, the most interesting and user friendly one.



In general almost all device parameters can be remote controlled and monitored by the module, key parameters, like PEQs, frequency crossovers and level meters also graphically. This can be done by standard Web devices (PC, tablet or smart phone). The standard HTML code enables a maximum browser compatibility especially with mobile devices. With an appropriate network configuration a remote monitoring in installations is possible.

The integration in existing networks is easy – you can either use a manual setting or DHCP.  Via IP address or DNS name the module can be identified and operated. Hence the specific contact to several devices can be made comfortably via the favourites’ toolbar of the browser.

A special software for contacting the devices is not necessary. Nevertheless a software product of K.M.E. will be available in the near future to support the assorting of several device parameters.

The functionality of the remote network module can be checked online HERE.