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KLOTZ: IEC Lock Power Cord

KLOTZ Cables provides the new mains cable PIE-SL0150 with patented IEC Lock C13 cable socket.

The deadlock mechanism at the protective earth contact of the cable socket reliably prevents the unwanted disconnection of equipment during transport or by vibration. This solution works with all IEC C13 / 10A mains connections, without exchange of equipment connectors.



The 2-pole grounded Schuko mains plug also has a receptacle for French mains socket earthing pin and by its straight design is easily pluggable to all kinds of power strips. 


To detach the IEC mains cable a release button at the cable socket has to be operated. As a warning not to unplug the cable by pulling as otherwise possible and practiced in hurried operation, the outer cable jacket is orange-coloured.

By trying to unplug the cable without unlocking, a tear out of the mains connector would happen with most equipment. 


By the PIE-SL0150 KLOTZ Cables supplies a reliable mains cabling of frequently transported racks and equipment whose failure-free operation has to be proved without permanently checking the mains connections.

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