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Klotz a.i.s. TrueLink Pro

A new top stagebox of the German Klotz A.I.S. has been designed for tough performance demands.


When premium cable producer Klotz A.I.S asked its designers and production engineers to develop the ultimate state-of-the-art stagebox system, their answer was TrueLink Pro. The new TrueLink Pro range is based on decades of experience in the fields of PA design and stage, concert and studio technology.

TrueLink is the new premier product for pro markets, incorporating sophisticated design, proven technology and high-quality components for maximum maintenance-free durability. TrueLink systems feature sides of absolutely unbreakable plastic (connector and grips), crushproof 3-mm aluminium housing and ultra-rugged cables and connectors. TrueLink Pro prioritizes lightness and stability, and is designed specifically for the demanding life of touring artists and rental companies.

The high-quality production specs include high-precision dimensions achieved by using pre-fabricated mechanical modules. Further features are the integrated connector protection and 1 or 2-multipin connector options. The product’s ergonomic, stackable design is a practical addition, particularly for SC versions of uniform size. For stationary on-site applications, the lower-priced version TrueLink in Sapphire Blue finish offers the same uncompromising value for money as the larger Pro model.
All components are manufactured to the exacting quality standards of Klotz A.I.S at the company’s own production facility in Germany. TrueLink Systems are already on the market.

About Klotz Audio Interface Systems A.I.S.GmbH
Klotz Audio Interface Systems A.I.S.GmbH, based in Vaterstetten near Munich, is a global leader in the field of cable and cable technology manufacturing. The name of KLOTZ has been synonymous since 1979 with top quality, performance and ongoing innovation in the world of cable production and design. As a medium-sized enterprise with a high market profile in over 90 countries, KLOTZ A.I.S. possesses a level of flexibility and innovative strength that is almost unrivalled in the industry. Its partners include specialist music retailers, installation and systems integration companies, equipment hire firms, live event organizers, media  companies and international broadcasting and TV institutions.