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KLOTZ a.i.s: OmniLIVE OL22

OL22, the general-purpose multichannel audio cable solution by Klotz a.i.s., sets a new benchmark in digital signal transmission.

The new OmniLIVE OL22 digital audio multicore series by KLOTZ a.i.s provides the perfect cabling solution for mobile use and fixed installations in studios, theatres and stages, radio and TV stations and other institutions handling AES/EBU-standard digital data or audio signals.

Greater Munich based company KLOTZ a.i.s once again sets a new benchmark in digital signal transmission with its new OL22. This cable series, featuring optimised signal transmission specs and outer diameter, is available in an array of versions for many different types of application.

PVC: For universally use on stage
FRNC (Flame Retardant Non Corrosive): For fixed installations; the cable complies with all national and international safety requirements, including flame retardance acc. to IEC 60332-3-24 / Category C and EN 50226-2-4.
PUR: For usage in harsh environments and outdoor mobile use.

All three versions feature a highly compact design. This enables widespread D-Sub connectors to be mounted, especially for 8-channel cables.

Thanks to its 0.22 sqmm conductor cross-section and foil-shielded twisted pairs with drain wire for easy assembly, this digital audio multicore also offers outstanding electrical properties.The overall braided screen ensures that shielding efficiency is completely effective even for analogue audio signals, and also significantly boosts mechanical robustness.

Delivering low attenuation for digital signals (only 4dB/100m at 3MHz) and outstanding jitter performance, the cable is ideal for very long cable runs. As a further benefit, the cable offers extremely low capacitance (47pF/m) in analogue signal transmission. It thus complies with all requirements in the functional specification 3/3 for German public broadcasting cabling (ARD and ZDF).

The cable is available in PVC as 8, 12, 16 and 24-pair models, in FRNC and PUR as 8 and 12-pair versions.