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KLOTZ a.i.s.: CV4A4

KLOTZ a.i.s. offers customised MADI system cables for DiGiCo and Digidesign consoles – the CV4A4 with PVC and PUR outer jacket.

CV4A4, the latest addition to the KLOTZ a.i.s. composite cable series, provides a combination of 4 digital coax and 4 AES/EBU lines. The cable is especially designed for applications requiring connection of digital audio stage racks over 75-ohm coax cable, such as the mixing consoles from DiGiCo (D- / SD Series) and Digidesign (Venue).

Two multi-channel signal paths (MADI etc.) plus two redundancy paths can be implemented with the CV4A4, which also supports additional functions such as intercom, monitoring, serial remote control etc. via its 4 digital audio lines.

Depending on the equipment used, the CV4A4 allows for transmission distances of 100 metres with MADI format (AES10). Naturally it is also ideal for traditional analogue and digital audio/video transmission.

The cable comprises four 75-ohm coaxial elements with inner conductor 0.6 mm in diameter and dielectric 4.8 mm in diameter. The four digital audio lines (110Ohm / AWG26) are highly flexible thanks to their stranded conductors and spiral shielding.

The outer jacket is available in PVC (CV4A4-Y, diameter 16.0mm) or PUR (CV4A4-P, diameter 15.4mm). The PUR jacket in particular provides outstanding sturdiness under the tough conditions of outdoor and stage events.