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KLOTZ Cables is proud to announce a new exclusive distribution partnership with MUSICLINK Australia.

MUSICLINK Australia has been Australia's foremost distributor of musical instruments, audio technology products, drum and percussion products, DJ equipment, and sound reinforcement products, for over forty years.

MUSICLINK has an extensive sales, warehouse and distribution facility based in Melbourne, Australia and a team of sales representatives in all Australian capital cities with a network of over 400 retailers around the country. MUSICLINK's stable consists of nearly 40 world-class brands and thousands of products catering to the music, audio, and recording industries.


Rohan Smith, General Manager Musiclink Australia and Kamal Mahtani, Business Manager KLOTZ Cables Asia Pacific


KLOTZ Cables is a German manufacturer which offers a huge variety of cable types (instrument, microphone, speaker and connectors) from entry-level to high-end – always with its signature market-leading quality, and always Made in Germany.

The company is well-known for its modern production technology and sophisticated array of testing procedures, with the entire production process monitored and computer-controlled throughout. This combination of advanced technology with strategic use of precision hand-crafting has inspired some of the world’s great artists such as Joe Bonamassa, TM Stevens and Matthias Jabs to work closely with KLOTZ on their own signature cables.

With an exclusive packaging for all KLOTZ cable products in Australia, the first shipment of KLOTZ Cables will arrive early in June at the MUSICLINK warehouse ready for distribution to all retailers.