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IMG Stage Line ATS-162-System

Professional visitor support with the new tour guide system from IMG Stage Line.

For every host guiding a group of visitors, providing them with information or wishing to entertain them, it is very important to connect with the audience. It is also a matter of courtesy to provide the visitors with a clear voice reproduction. Thus, professional tour guide systems should be used, especially in case of larger groups and noisy environments or on the contrary, if a certain kind of calmness is required.

These systems are very popular for professional tours of factories, museums, churches or for sightseeing tours, on international conferences, multilingual seminars as well as a small solution for a simultaneous translation system. The tour guide systems are also indispensable for driving schools, driver safety training or at sports. Beside an excellent speech intelligibility, the new ATS-162 system from IMG Stage Line provides a very user-friendly operation.


 ATS-162 system from IMG Stage Line


The system features 16 convenient channels and allows for both an interference-free operation in a group and a simultaneous operation of up to 8 independent groups. The ATS-162 offers the necessary flexibility, whether you have to provide important information to eight groups of visitors at the same time or use e.g. different languages within one group.

The receivers of the ATS-162 system feature a large display with channel indication (1 - 8), battery status indication and a blue LED which indicates possible interferences in the selected frequency range. Thus, the desired signal will reliably be transmitted to the recipient via the supplied headphones.

Additionally, the ATS-162 can be used for wireless zone paging without any problems due to the built-in speaker. The transmitters of the system feature an integrated microphone as well as a microphone input and an audio line input.


Beside these two basic components, the intelligent PWM quick-charge station ATS-162PS and the transport case ATS-162C with intelligent PWM quick-charge function for 30 transmitters/receivers are also available. The special highlight of the transport case: a transmitter/receiver synchronisation at the push of a button, i.e. all connected units can commonly be synchronised to a transmission channel which has previously been selected. In addition, the ATS-162 system is compatible with the portable amplifier systems of the TXA-1000 series and TXA-800 series.