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High Power DMX Relay

The SOUNDLIGHT 3026R-HP closes the gap between standard DMX relay boards and industrial power switching gear.

With the SOUNDLIGHT 3026R-HP intelligent power distribution is just one step away. The 3206R-HP is based on the industry standard 3206R-H universal DMX relay interface. High power N.O. output contact relays featuring high inrush current capacity are used, allowing to control up to 16A continuous load with up to 80A / 160A inrush current. The maximum contact breaking load is 4000VA.



The module drives 6 n.o. contacts 230V/16A each and comes in a neat housing for DIN rail mount. Additionally, the 3206R-HP is fully DMX RDM 1.0 compliant which allows remote administration from any RDM compatible control desk or control software. The device also features advanced RDM commands compliant with upcoming RDM standard E1-37, such as PIN locking to prevent unauthorized access to the DMX relay.

The 3206R-HP is available with different relay types as well as Wago cage clamp or 6.35mm AMP connectors.

With Wago cage clamp


With 6.35mm AMP connectors



  • Order code: 3206R-HP
  • Type: DMX power relay module
  • Features: DMX RDM (Remote Device Management) compatible
  • 6 high inrush current output contacts
  • DIN rail mount, width 6.5U
  • Availability: from stock