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G-LEC at Magazin Awards 2008

Bright, transparent and movable G-LEC’s Phantom 30 LED video system proofed the perfect choice for a dramatic show in Vienna.

Creative minds, advertising giants and celebrities gathered at the 2008 Magazin Awards in Vienna for Austria’s most prestigious night in advertising – and G-LEC’s Phantom 30 LED video system provided stunning imagery for the show.

The event, which took place in a disused tram depot, is the NEWS Publishing Group’s annual award ceremony to acknowledge and reward outstanding advertising campaigns. As Austria’s biggest publishing company, the awards – now in their fourth year – are coveted among advertisers vying for success in the seven categories.

The brief required a large, bright, transparent LED graphic display that would look striking and be impressive enough to illustrate the importance of the awards and to acknowledge the winners’ success. A dramatic reveal for the new Opel GT was also specified in the brief – the solution was to use 30m² of Phantom 30 on a track, that opened up to show the car.

The video system, supplied through G-LEC’s Austrian rental partner Eventamt, was specified because it met all the criteria; NEWS was impressed with the pixel-perfect reproduction of graphics and the flexible sizes and shapes.

Corinna Cunliffe, event manager at NEWS says: “G-LEC played a big part in helping us produce a dramatic ceremony with an innovative platform design. The Phantom 30 enabled us to meet the challenge of creating an impressive and versatile stage show that would keep the guests’ interest for the entire event. The video system enabled us to use different logos and graphics at the same time, and reproduced them perfectly.

“The ceremony was a real eye-catcher and we got only positive feedback. We are so pleased with the outcome that we are considering using a similar design in 2009.”