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Futurelight PLS-5R and PLB-5R

Prolight+Sound 2012: Steinigke presents compact movingheads Futurelight PLS-5R and Futurelight PLB-5R.

Technical devices only serve their purpose well when they complement one another. And this is the case for the two new Futurelight moving heads. Highly-modern spots and a highly-modern illuminant have been coordinated perfectly – and the result in both cases is absolutely impressive.


Futurelight PLB-5R


Movements of the heads as well as color and gobo changes are performed at an incredibly high speed. Even for moving heads of this size – our PLB and PLS can be compared with to a conventional 250 Watt device – this is not common. But for this luminosity class, it is completely extraordinary.

Thanks to the PHILIPS MSD Platinum 5R both newcomers shine at least as powerful as a conventional moving head with a 575 watt illuminant. The Platinum 5R, however, is already satisfied with 160 watts. And the whole power consumption of our PLS-5R and PLB-5R only aggregates 300 and 280 watts respectively. Quite a difference and a huge potential to save energy.


Futurelight PLS-5R


When it comes to installation or transport the smaller dimensions are surely helpful. Both spots also show their flexibility by supporting RDM. RDM means Remote Device Management. It is an enhancement to the DMX protocol which enables communication between RDM controller and RDM compliant via the DMX line. This technology allows configuration, status monitoring and management of the attached RDM devices. The DMX signal is not disturbed.


Steinigke at prolight+sound: hall 11.0, stand A 11 + A 05.


More information about the moving heads HERE