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Future-proofed Solution

Alan Liddelow of Professional Audio Technology, Australia about the new K.M.E PANO Series system at Sydney’s Knox Grammar School.

Professional Audio Technology Pty Ltd (PAT) has delivered yet another K.M.E. PANO Series line array public address system – this time to the new sports and events hall at Sydney’s prestigious Knox Grammar school. Various PA manufacturers were compared based on sound quality, manufacturing quality and of course price, by contracted audio consultants, with K.M.E. coming out on top.



The new sports and events hall, which consists of three basketball courts, a spectator seating gallery and everything else a sporting venue could ask for, will be used for sporting events and can also double as a concert hall comfortably holding up to 800-1,000 spectators. The Front of House concert rig consists of Line Source Units QL 1215 powered by a DA 428 with 700 Watts per channel and subs QLB 118 powered with a DA 230 amplifier with 1,500 Watts per channel. The K.M.E. amplifiers with multi channel functionality and DSP drive the entire system.




Professional Audio Technology’s Technology Specialist Alan Liddelow was at the venue during the first sound check with the new K.M.E. system.

“We are extremely satisfied with the performance and clarity of the new system and what’s equally important is that the client is very happy with their buying decision which is imperative. We recommended the PANO system to Knox Grammar because they wanted to have a solution which would not only satisfy the sound quality requirements, but was also small in size, but with enough SPL to provide the sound engineer with enough headroom during the events.

During the setup of the amps, K.M.E.’s Preset Editor & Wizard made the job very straight forward and easy. We thought that a small PANO system was a future-proofed solution providing the highest quality sound, an even sound dispersion and more than enough headroom to deal with anything that might be thrown at the system.

Before making our recommendation to Knox Grammar, we met with the client, discussed their needs, analysed the acoustic characteristics of the room and took into account what the system would be used for.”


Professional Audio Technology has been importing K.M.E PA systems into Australia for nearly one year now, with more and more venues and hire companies discovering the unsurpassed German made PA manufacturers quality in build and of course sound.