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Fohhn: Korean Church

Doonsan First Methodist Church
in Daejeon is equipped with Fohhn loudspeaker systems.

Fohhn Audio loudspeaker systems and DSP-controlled amplifiers have been installed in the Doonsan First Methodist Church, Daejeon, Korea. The recently built church accommodates up to 2500 worshippers and has been equipped with state-of-the-art technology including several high quality sound systems.



The main system comprises 2 x 12 Fohhn PT-9 line array systems, flown to the left and right of the altar and stage areas, in combination with two bass arrays each including eight Fohhn PS-4 high-powered subwoofers. Four AT-10 Arc series speakers function as front fills, with eight XM-4 wedges used for on-stage monitoring. The system is powered by a number of Fohhn DSP amplifiers.

Fohhn loudspeaker systems have also been installed in smaller worship areas and childcare facilities on various floors of the 10-storey building. Six worship rooms on the 7th floor have each been equipped with Arc Series AT-40 high-capacity lightweight loudspeakers, while sets of AT-10 speakers have been installed in the childcare rooms on the 3rd floor. Fohhn’s compact AT-05 systems also provide coverage in two mother and child rooms at the back of one of the galleries.



The installation also provided an opportunity for Fohhn engineers to trial some new, specially developed beam steering software for bass arrays. “A technical feature has been the ability to apply the beam steering principle from our Linea Focus loudspeaker series to the PS-4 bass arrays using specially developed new software,” said Fohhn Planning Engineer Frank Strohmer. “This has enabled the beam characteristics of the bass arrays to be perfectly adapted to the acoustics of the main worship area, giving the best possible results when transmitting both speech and music to a large congregation.”

The installation was carried out by Stagenet Co. Ltd, Seoul.