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Fohhn at ISE 2013

German loudspeaker manufacturer Fohhn Audio demonstrates the full capability of its beam steering technology.

On show will be the company’s Focus Series of electronically steerable line array systems. This includes the established Linea Focus LFI-120 - LFI-450 family of 1.2m to 4.5m loudspeakers and the recently released Focus Modular series comprising the FM/I-100 and FM/1-110 high frequency modules and the FM/I-400 low-mid/full range module. Fohhn will also premiere its new Linea LX-220 high performance hybrid line source loudspeaker system.



In Focus Modular, Fohhn takes the concept of modular line array systems with real-time beam steering to new levels. The compact modules each contain three separate, specially developed DSP processors with dedicated functionality, designed to produce optimum performance, better dynamics and greater precision than standard steerable systems. The FM/I-100 and FM/I-110 high frequency modules include 8 /16 high performance compression drivers (with Waveguide / horn system) and 8/16 multi-channel DSP amplifiers respectively, enabling maximum SPLs of 142 dB and 148 dB to be achieved at 1 metre distance.

The FM/I-400 low-mid module includes 32 high performance neodymium speakers and 16 DSP amplifiers with a max SPL of 139 dB / 1 metre. The systems can be combined and cascaded to meet an extensive range of sound reinforcement requirements. Their slim design is tailored for integration into different architectural settings.

Common to all Focus Series loudspeakers is the inclusion of Fohhn’s “Two Beam Technology”. This enables two separate beams to be generated from every loudspeaker, allowing simultaneous coverage of different areas (i.e. stalls and balcony), using a minimal number of systems. Fohhn’s unique “Side Lobe Free” algorithm suppresses unwanted side lobes for more targeted coverage and better speech intelligibility. Focus Series systems are also remarkable for their ultra-fine real-time adjustment capabilities: The vertical beam width (0-90°) and sound inclination angle (-40°/+40°) of every loudspeaker can be fine-tuned in steps of 0.1°.

All Focus Series loudspeakers can be networked and remotely controlled in real time using a single software application. The latest version of Fohhn Audio Soft (v3.3) provides additional support for the setup and control of Focus Sub Arrays, in which multiple subwoofers of the same type can be combined to form bass arrays and remotely steered in real time. This ability to control subwoofer beam characteristics in real time via software is both new and unique, enabling even coverage and accurate dispersion of bass frequencies to be achieved in minutes.

Fohhn’s brand new Linea LX-220 high performance hybrid line source system with 2-way speaker technology is based on the design of the company’s popular LX-100 and LX-150 loudspeakers. The system was developed as a direct result of customer requests for a more powerful loudspeaker to cover larger room lengths of 25 metres or so. The 2.2 metre system is equipped with 18 x 4” speakers and three 1” compression drivers with horn loaded Fohhn Waveguide system. Developed to provide the best possible reproduction of both speech and music, the LX-220 is also notable for its elegant design that visually integrates into a range of architectural settings.