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Fohhn App

Fohhn's iPhone and Android App helps determine the optimum positioning of Fohhn Linea LX-501/601 line array systems.

Professional loudspeaker systems manufacturer Fohhn Audio AG has just released a new App for iPhone and Android. The App enables users of Fohhn Linea LX-501/601 line array systems to determine the optimum positioning of their systems at a particular venue and adjust the loudspeakers to give the best possible audience coverage.

The latest generation Fohnn Linea LX-501/601 hybrid line array systems are equipped with four or six high-powered 6.5” long excursion speakers and four 1” compression drivers with Fohhn HF Waveguide. Suitable for both flown applications and for use with a tripod, Linea LX-501/601 line arrays are noted for their directional sound capabilities and excellent reproduction of both speech and music.

By typing in the height of the speaker stand and the distance to be covered at the venue, the new App can calculate the vertical angle at which the loudspeaker must be mechanically positioned in order to maximize the coverage.

The App can be downloaded free of charge from Android Market or the iTunes App Store.