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FibreLink by Klotz A.I.S.

FibreLink, the new optical fibre transmission system by KLOTZ a-i-s, allows a broader range with a lower weight.

Mobile applications demand significantly more complex standards of manufacturing quality, reliability and flexibility than stationary use, and mobile transmission systems must be highly durable and robust. Tensile strength, crush resistance and fatigue limits are maximized by the introduction of an ultra-thick aramide fibre sheath. The KLOTZ a-i-s family of mobile optical fibre cables is available with G50/125µm gradient fibres or E9/125µm mono mode fibres to ensure maximum signal transmission range. 
Matte black external PUR jackets assure that elasticity is maintained at low temperatures, guaranteeing rugged durability under the taxing conditions of mobile transmission applications, including drum storage, throughout an extra-broad temperature range.

Neutrik OpticalCon Connectors: The range features Neutrik OpticalCon connectors with ruthenium coating, with rugged metal casing, high-performance strain relief, dirt and dust protection and proven push-pull locking mechanism.

Sophisticated Design:
The FibreLink System, particularly the drum version, features:
Simple connector locking of both cable ends for transport using cable clamps – no more tiresome fumbling with velcro ties (drum version);
Protective rubber connector caps on both sides – ideal transport protection;
Optimized FO cable ducts inside and outside drum disc;
Guaranteed compliance with IEC standard thanks to interferometer measurement of connector terminal geometry;

Optimum Connection Options:
The system also features 19“panels to connect mobile FibreLink cable systems to stationary FO equipment. Standard patch cables are used to connect the panel’s built-in OpticalCon socket with the appliance-side FO input/output.
Panels are easy to label using label strips and have cable fixing clamps to secure the slim patch cables.