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Eurolite: New Systems

Eurolite's new generation of the KLS family offers up to 8 effects at one stand.

KLS has been the first of its type to re-write the history of mobile lighting – now the new systems have arrived, KLS-401/801/1001 including upgrade possibilities. May the key for the upgrade sound ever so unspectacular, the result is striking. Four additional IEC sockets at the back of the crossbar make it possible to connect another 4 devices to the KLS. The erection screws make assembling a child´s play.



Thanks to the new power outputs every operator has now the possibility to set up his personal set. The assortment can now be adapted to personal preferences or to the respective situation. Both light effects, additional spots and lasers can be connected. The options are diverse.




Every device being equipped with an IEC plug can be run. Of course, a solution is possible employing an adapter from an electric safety socket to IEC. Only the weight has to be kept in mind. The bar cannot handle every load.

There are three different Eurolite KLS with IEC sockets, KLS-401, KLS-801 and the newest system KLS-1001. With its 48 tricolor LEDs, each with 3 watts, it is one of the brightest of the compact LED-light systems available.