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Eurolite ML-56-QCL

Due to an unconventional assembly the Eurolite ML-56 QCL shows a new color variety within LED spots.

Key to the wide color illustration is the unconventional assembly of the 18 multichip diodes. Besides RGB, 12 of the chips show an additional white LED. The remaining 6 however, are split in RGB and amber. Thanks to the interaction of white and amber dues the basic colors can gradually be reproduced warmer or colder. By this means you also get a real luscious red – often a problem.



The amber LEDs hold also responsible for an orange which, so far, couldn't have been illustrated like that. Although this orange might not be as powerful as the other colors, due to the restricted number of amber LEDs – it adds another shade of color to any composition.

Always precise and powerful, that is how the colors are illustrated. Responsible for that: the 8 watts of each multichip diode. Via DMX the spot can be controlled with 3, 5, 7, or 8 channels. The classic multi lens housing is available in black and silver.

Multichip diodes are still advancing forward. First it used to be three beneath a lens, now there are often four diodes installed, called quadcolor LED. It is the same principle as for the TCL. The colors are already mixed before the lens. Color or RGB shadows belong to the past and remain in RGB devices with single diodes. In general, the color mixture is much more homogenous – even with the smallest distances.