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Eurolite: KLS-150

The new representative of Eurolite’s popular KLS series is strikingly small and strikingly powerful. 

Big, bulky PAR cans on several stands or on a trussing: modern mobile light systems do not look like that anymore – also due to the introduction of KLS systems. But it is more than astonishing that they have become as small as the LED KLS-150 from Eurolite. The KLS-150 only weighs 6 kg and has a width of less than a meter.



It is even more astonishing taking a look at the light power. Despite the size, it is more than absolutely convincing. 16 high-modern tricolor LEDs, each with 3 watts, are responsible for the power. As the colors are mixed before the lens, there are no color shades. Moreover, all color nuances are reproduced very well. A fact, the technical press agrees on: “...a very bright and beautiful light” (Soundcheck edition August 2011).



The KLS saves in size and weight, but not in quality aspects. Workmanship of all parts is first class. Also free of savings, the accessory. The small light system is delivered in a handy transport bag and with a rugged foot switch. The latter enables switching between installed presets and sound-to-light mode.



Mobile DJs, solo entertainers and little combos are the target groups the KLS-150 has been designed for. As the nestling's spots, just like those of its relatives, can be turned and tilt it poses no problem to illuminate smaller stages. For bigger applications Eurolite recommends the other KLS (compact light sets) which have been revised and improved lately.