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Eurolight VLS Showlaser

Eurolite’s new series of six different professional laser projectors features a special safety system.

With the VLS Eurolite offers a new series of professional laser projectors. Six models with different performance categories, but with one collective aspect which has been given prominence: safety of users and guests.


VLS 1200 Front


VLS 1200 Back


Featuring a special safety system this series definitely stands out of the price category it belongs to. An active beam monitoring controls both modulation as well as the mechanical shutter. As a result you get an active prevention of dangers like frozen beams or a too small beam angle during the operation.

Counteracting accidents
If, for example, the supply line to the emergency stop is accidentally cut off, the mechanical shutter immediately closes and the laser is turned off.  A similar procedure can be noticed when the internal signal transmission to the mirror galvanometers or the lasers is interrupted and disturbed respectively. In these situations the safety system takes over instantly.

In addition, the operator is always able to halt the projection via the emergency stop, which influences shutter and laser of course. Another safety characteristic is the obligatory key switch which protects against unauthorized access.



For further prevention of dangers during the operation all models have been equipped with high-speed galvos which reduce the beam's resting times and ensure fluent animations. While four lasers feature 30 kpps (kilo points per second – unit of galvanometers) the top star VLS-1200 RGB is optionally available in a cheaper version with 20 kkps or as top model with 40 kkps.

All models can be controlled via ILDA protocol, DMX, sound or auto mode. Show files can be saved on an SD card (included in the delivery) and easily be operated via DMX. The internal ILDA players offers the opportunity to start the files via the display at any time.



Including software
For a perfect usage of the VLS lasers Eurolite also presents the elaborate Eurolite HE control software. Delivery already includes an ILDA interface and more than 150 laser shows on DVD. The software controls up to 16 projectors simultaneously.

When employing additional ILDA interfaces, it is also possible to control the projectors independently of each other. By the way, the software can also be used for other lasers with ILDA protocol. 


Prolight + Sound 2012: Hall 11.0, Stands A11 and A05