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Digital Audio Backbone System

KLOTZ a.i.s.: DABS
is a fibre-optic audio transmission system that can be operated with products from any manufacturer.

Digital Audio Backbone System (DABS) is a fibre-optic transmission system with analogue interfaces for audio signal transmission between stage, FOH and recording, and direct analogue monitor outputs. Because the analogue connection technology is mixer-independent, the system can be operated with products from any manufacturer. The number of channels can be increased in multiples of 16 to a maximum of 64 IN and 64 OUT.



Thanks to the system's use of intelligent, compact connection technology with multipin connectors (optionally available with D-Sub) and the comprehensive range of stage boxes by KLOTZ a.i.s., it's never been simpler to install decentralized stage cabling with detached stage boxes. The system enables even large stages, rapid artist changeover and other challenging (festival) situations to be handled smoothly and professionally.

Key benefits at a glance:
- Galvanic separation of stage, FOH and REC (no ground loops!)
- Latency-free analogue MON tap using RMP connection technology
  (D-Sub optional)
- No system programming necessary
- Ultra-fast stage setup
- Redundant stage <->FOH setup using second FO cable possible
- Direct access from monitor location to the easy-operation preamps at the central
  stage interface

The DABS provides up to 64 high-quality, proven microphone preamps (THAT 1570), switchable to line level. State-of-the-art 24-bit converter modules are used as A-D and D-A converters.



An outstanding feature of the Digital Audio Backbone System is the significant saving in weight achieved by the use of fibre optic “multicore” cable; a 200-metre drum of fibre-optic cable weighs in at a mere 11 kg.

The cable used is the proven KLOTZ FibreLink with SmartBeam expanded beam connectors, offering the following advantages:
- Tearproof, crushproof fibre-optic cable
- Easy to lay thanks to non-directional coupling (hermaphrodite connectors)
- Expanded beam technology prevents physical contact with fibres
- Dirt-resistant (IP67), easy-clean
- Proven KLOTZ connector quality – over 3,000 mating cycles

The Digital Audio Backbone System (DABS) incorporates the full range of expertise gathered by KLOTZ a.i.s. GmbH over thirty years of developing and producing multicore systems, and applies this experience at the leading edge of technology.