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Coolux: Xaver.11 Award

Christen Visuelle Gestaltung has won the Xaver.11 award for a stunning interactive panorama.

The Swiss visual communication agency Christen Visuelle Gestaltung was recently awarded the first Public Xaver.11 award for their creative work on “zug bewegt”, an interactive film panorama showing the Swiss canton Zug. The Public Xaver award aims to honour the best Swiss live communication project.



The highly successful interactive installation “zug bewegt” had been used for both the LUGA exhibition in Lucerne and the MUBA in Basel. Visitors encountered two semi-round 180° projection screens with panoramic film content showing the canton’s beautiful scenery.



In order to truly attract the visitors’ interest, eight pressure sensors were hidden underneath the floor. Each time a visitor stepped on one of the eight sensor spots, one of the characters projected onto the screen started to talk to them. The sound was played out through transparent, bell shaped speaker-constructions hanging from the ceiling that allowed for a maximum of sound quality without distracting the other visitors’ interactive experience in any way.

Four coolux Pandoras Box Server STD were at the technical heart of the installation. The coolux Widget Designer PRO allowed for a seamless integration of all interactive elements. A Sonic Emotion HD Player was being controlled directly through the Pandoras Box Manager by means of its built-in Sonic Emotion extension. The installation was a great success across the board and presented the picturesque canton in the best possible way.


Watch the video (with Firefox, Chrome or Safari): 


Equipment (Sample list):
4x Pandoras Box Server STD
1x Pandoras Box Manger STD
1x Widget Designer PRO
1x coolux Sensor Link
1x Sonic Emotion HD Player



Representative of the Economical Affairs Directorate: Gianni Bomio, Peter Kottmann
Project Leader: Marco Schneider
Idea and Creative concept: Christen Visuelle Gestaltung, Daniel Christen, Silvio Ketterer
Editor in chief: Michael van Orsouw
Presenter: Nik Hartmann
Photography, film and animations: Silvio Ketterer, Andreas Iten, Yves Gutjahr
Sound: Sensorial Surroundings, Patrick Ensslin
Construction, sound and video equipment: Auviso, Miguel Fernandez, Adrian Wydler
Technical planning: Martin Kuhn
Mediaserver: DK-Production, Daniel Kaminski
PR: Ursula Kottmann
Project assistant: Seline Limacher